ミッションステートメント Mission Statement


ミッションステートメント Mission Statement

Our mission statement.


I have been strongly interested in Japanese contemporary art for five years. I have been to exhibitions to not only appreciate art pieces but to talk with the artists and buy their artwork. Every artist I met seemed highly dedicated to their art. However, it appears that there is an insufficient trade-off between holding an exhibition and actually selling their work, which can be seen as detrimental to their needs as artists.


Naoki Sasayama is one such artist who is looking for ways around this problem. He had an online group exhibition called 'Yurei ga ten 2014' selling his and other artists’ artwork at his blog 'Art Black Market'. Naoki's idea is one that embraces social media, but more needs to be done.


Art dealings have a role in providing not only economic support for each artist but also social and emotional one; the paying is also assertion, “Your creation are worth buying.”


Imagine you visited an artist’s exhibition who has already got a lot of followers to their art and is deemed a success. Although they are famous, they generally only sell one or two pieces of art at most at an exhibition, and that's where the problem lies. Of course there will be success stories, but this is sadly a rarity in today's climate.


IIt costs between 30,000 to 100,000 yen to have an exhibition. If the artist's total artwork for the exhibition is only a few pieces at a maximum of 10,000 yen per piece their motivation to exhibit or even create could decrease or even result in having an exhibition become financially impossible.


So, I buy as possible as I can.
This is why I am called an art collector.


With this artist problem in mind, I buy as much as possible to support local artists and the art scene in Japan. Even buying the lowest priced artwork could be the difference to an artist staying motivated and able to support themselves.


The Purpose and The Next Strategy

This June I got a space at Ikebukuro, Tokyo for the purposes of exhibition or meeting. Because I thought it important to have a place to show and talk about our individual art.

One day, an artist, Makoto Watanabe talked to me that he was seeking place to hold his first solo exhibition. I thought it was a good chance to utilize the space. Then I quickly named it Yaoki Gallery, hurried to make a website to start a gallery. In other words, Yaoki Gallery started to satisfy the earnest demand of an artist.

His first solo exhibition was successful. Over 40 people visited my new gallery and they all stayed and talked there for about 1 hour or more.




But a big problem is still to be solved. To sell their art. Artists must earn money by selling their art as a full-time artist to engage in.


I found a research about global art market in 2015. It says 43% of art market shared by US, and 21% by UK. That means 54% is shared by English-speaking world. There’s good reason for me to going there.



So I’m learning art market system to sell our works globally. At the very beginning, we will help artists apply competitions or contest.

Here we go.